Exfoliating Shower Gel 400 ml
Product Code: S166

Personel Care Products

400 ml Exfoliating Shower Gel

● It gently cleanses your skin with its foamy and easy-melting gel texture. Thanks to the beads it contains, it removes the dead cell on your skin and provides you with a soft skin.
● It provides refreshment all day long with its long lasting scents..
● It does not contain alcohol.

Shower Gel 1000 ml
Product Code: S169

Personel Care Products

1000 ml Shower Gel

● Specially formulated DeepFresh shower gels for your gentle skin, cleans effectively while moisturizing it.
● It provides freshness with its pleasant smell.
● It does not contain alcohol.
● It is vegan certificated except goat milk.

Shower Gel 500 ml
Product Code: S131

Personel Care Products

500 ml Shower Gel

● DeepFresh shower gel does not dry your skin thanks to its special formula, it gives freshness and vitality.
● It does not contain alcohol.